Party Wall Awards

If you are the building owner intending to excavate within 3 metres of an adjoining building AND the excavation or structure extends below the level of their foundations; or you are intending to excavate within 6 metres AND any part of the excavation or structure falls with a plane drawn at 45ยบ; you must serve notice (a 3m/6m Notice) on the adjoining owner, at least 1 month before beginning to excavate. They then have the right to dissent and appoint their own surveyor, probably at your cost. Download the booklet

Party Walls are defined as a wall which forms part of a building and stands on lands of different owners i.e usually the common wall separating two buildings.

As experienced party wall surveyors we will advise you if your project or work proposed by your neighbouring owner will trigger the Act and whether a party wall Notice needs to be served.

We are able to serve party wall notice on behalf of the owner carrying out the building work and produce an Award (legally binding agreement) setting out the rights and duties of the Building Owner, detailing the formalities including how and when the construction work will be executed, the precautions to be adopted in order to safeguard the Adjoining Owner’s property. We will also carry out an inspection of Adjoining Owner’s property and produce a schedule of condition report to record the condition of the building and help avoid any potential disputes resulting from the work.

Alternatively, we can respond to notices served upon Adjoining Owner’s and look to negotiate an Award to ensure the owner’s rights are maintained under the Act. We will ensure the Adjoining Owner’s property is safeguarded against unnecessary damage.

We are members of both the Pyramus and Thisbe Club and Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors promoting best practice in this field of expertise.

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